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Electric Smoker vs Pellet Smoker

Electric Smoker vs Pellet Smoker grill – everyone loves the taste of lightly smoked meat. Back in the day, people had to build a smokehouse and then smoke the meat. The process of building is not easy, and it takes hours. Nowadays, you can select from electric smokers, pellet smokersgas smokers, charcoal, and wood smokers. Electric and pellet smokers are popular choices. Here you will find a comparison of electric smokers vs pellet smokers to let you help in buying the best for you.

Gas, charcoal, electric or pellet every smoker has its own set of features. Electric smokers and pellet smokers rank at the top for their convenience of use and the excellent savory, smoky taste they offer to the meat. That is why it is often hard to decide between best electric smoker and pellet smoker. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of each:

Pellet Smoker 

Pellet smoker or pellet grill is like some outdoor cooker or simple words and electric oven which can be used outdoors for their excellent smoking features.

The Pellet smokers are powered by electricity, and to use wood pellets of different kinds are used for smoke and fuel. Pellet smokers are easy to use, radiant, and indirect heat for meat cooking in a controlled smoky environment.

✅ Controlled Temperature ❌ Not ideal in the rainy season
✅ Flavor None Other Smokers Can Provide
✅ Large Capacity
✅ Control Flare-Ups

Let’s have a look at its share of pros and cons:


Controlled Temperature

One of the most significant issues anyone faces while smoking meat outside is controlling temperature to smoke the food at the perfect temperature. Getting started and then sit back and enjoy until the meat is smoked is a blessing not everyone can enjoy.

Gas smokers only offer three standards of control; while using charcoal smokers, you have to maintain the level of charcoals to keep the temperature constant. On the other hand, pellet smokers are like electric smokers. All you need to do is get the smoker started, set the temperature, sit back for the required time, and enjoy smoky, delicious food.

Flavor None Other Smokers Can Provide 

Without any doubt, pellet smokers provide the best flavor to your meat. When you are smoking meat on the pellet grill, it is cooked constantly on the burning wood. The smell of burning woods and the taste it provides is ways better than smoldering woods. It also gives a better smoke ring to smoke your meat and offer a perfect taste.

Large capacity

Pellet smokers are affordable, and you can always buy smokers with large capacities without costing much extra. Pellet smokers are generally larger in space than any other smokers available in the market. The cost of all accessories is the same, but with a pellet smoker, you might not need to buy a large smoker and spend more. It is because an average-sized pellet smoker can handle six pieces of baby back ribs conveniently.

Control Flare-Ups

The pellet grills are designed to provide shields between the flames of wood and dripping greases. Dripping grease in the fir pot means flare-ups, and it can affect the temperature and the taste of smoked meat. The design ensures that a shield will reduce flares to almost zero.


There are a few little issues you might have when using pellet grills as your top smoky meat gadget. Like:

  • Pellet smokers do not get along with wet weather. So using pellet smokers for the rainy season is a big no-no. Moreover, neglecting the cleaning of pellet smokers after every use can damage its life.




Electric Smokers

Electric smokers have made life easier with set and forget barbecue experience. And yet, the debate of  electric smoker vs pellet smoker rages between BBQ lovers!  With electric smokers, you will enjoy the natural smoky taste with wood flavor and a modern cooking experience like cooking in the oven.

The wood stays at the bottom of the stylish box, and then there is a water pan, so the meat stays moist. The wood chip pan contains wood, so when they are heated, they produce smoke throughout the smoker and give a scrumptious woody flavor.

Bets electric smokers can regulate temperature, so you only need to get it started and put your meat in it and enjoy the elegant dinner when it is ready.

✅ Excellent For Beginners ❌ Limited Smoking Space
✅ Set And Forget
✅ Adjust In Small Places
✅ Temperature Control
✅ Affordable


Excellent For Beginners

Electric smokers will finally get you started with your barbecue journey as a chef. Electric smokers are easy to use, and beginners can learn the process really fast. That is why when you are looking forward to buying something to get you started with barbecue, and electric smokers are the best option.

Many people that it is like flipping the switch and becoming a barbecue pro. Statically speaking, it is not ‘that’ easy, but still, it is simple and straightforward. You will be needed to spend few minutes only learning how to operate and get the best-smoked meat.

Set And Forget

Electric smokers offer features like ‘set and forget. You have control over temperature, and once the smoker has started working, you can leave it to cook your meat and do other chores. The manufacturers ask you to keep an eye on it to avoid any mishaps or accidents.

Adjust In Small Places

Every house is not big enough to contain big and heavy smokers. Luckily, electric smokers are a great fit for any place. The electric smokers are designed smartly to fit in small places, and you can keep them in your condo without any worries.

Temperature Control

The electric smokers allow you to cook at high temperatures and offer soft, tender, and juicy meat cooked at lower temperatures. The low temperature is suitable for many food items to preserve their savory tenderness.


Electric smokers are affordable and economical barbecue accessories. That means anyone can afford it and enjoy the tasty meat whenever they like.


Electric smokers are smart and small, but the size is both – a blessing and a curse. The small size of the smoker means you will not get enough space for many chunks of meat. But worry not; you can buy the larger electric smoker by paying a little extra.


Electric Smoker vs Pellet Smoker?

So what’s to choose? Both share an endless list of benefits. Electric smoker vs Pellet smoker is not something easy to choose. Electric smokers are an overall better choice, as they are suitable for beginners and the usage process is convenient. But still, it all depends on your specific needs and personal preferences. Whatever you choose, one thing is sure you will get to enjoy best savory, smoky meats.


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