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How to Build a Stand for an Electric Smoker

There are lots of reasons one should build a stand for an electric smoker. You can buy the stand or hire some carpenters to do the job. But with spare wood in your hand and little effort, you can do it yourself.  Worry not; here we will guide you on how to build a stand for an electric smoker. So you can build it perfectly and customize it according to your style.

But before we get started, let’s look at the benefits of building a stand for your best electric smoker. So let’s have a look:



Saves from backaches:

Putting the smoker on the ground means a lot of bending and crunching on the grounds. A table and a proper stand are like a support to the electric smoker. You can elevate the smoker to a comfortable level for you and coo while staying pain free.

Keep moisture and insects away:

A stand helps to keep the insects and moisture on the ground at bay. It will make your smoker more ergonomic and convenient to use.

Keep smoking ingredients off the ground:

When the smoker is on the ground, eventually, you have to put the meat or all other things on the ground but not with the stand. There is a proper place to put the items on the stand, and you can smoke in a proper manner.

Storage cabinets:

So you can build a stand with drawers to keep stuff related to smoking safe and in one place.

How to build a stand for an electric smoker:

These are just a few benefits to customize built stand for electric smoker can be more practical. So let’s get started with how to build it by you.

There are few things to consider, like the size of the electric smoker, what are your specific needs, do you want moveable or stay at one place thing? Here we will teach you how to build a smoker stand with wheels.

Measure the base:

Once you have access to the woods, it is easy to build a stand with wheels. For this, measure the base of the electric smoker and know how large you need a stand.

Cut and start:

  • Take the wood plank and cut it into 2x4s, two parallel in length. Please make sure that they are at least nine-inch longer than the electric smoker.
  • Then take another plank of 2 x 4 and place it between the other two to brace them properly. Now have a pilot hole and screws so you can drill in the brace in parallel pieces. You will eventually find the structure strong.
  • Now take eight sheets of metal tabs and plywood in small quantities to make bumpers. Place the stand in your front and put two tabs on every corner of it. For instance, on the top right corner of the stand frame, there should be a tab on top and the right.
  • Now put pads of furniture inside every tab. So the smoker stays safe when it bumps into the tabs due to any reason.
  • Afterward, it is time to tie the tabs with the stand frame. It should be strong enough to keep the smoker from falling.
  • Then turn the stand over so you can tie the caster to the stand’s frame bottom. It is up to you that you use the lockable casters. It will keep your electric smoker from rolling around in windy situations or some bump accidents.
  • It is better that you use 360-degrees swivel casters as rear casters. The front wheels should be the ones that go backward and forward only.
  • By using this style, you can move the stand freely along the smoker like you are moving a shopping cart around.
  • The stand is complete. You can add shelves/ drawers and paint it in the color you want to give it a stylish look. Look for any flaws and correct them before using the stand.

Once done, it is good to go!


You can easily learn how to build a stand for an electric smoker. A little skill and concentration will do the trick, and you can smoke the meat like a pro.



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