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How to smoke salt in an electric smoker

Do you want to add layers of taste to your meat and BBQ items? If yes, then try to add a smoked salt layer on foods and get a mouthful of taste on every bite. The smoke adds flavors to the recipes, and it is also one of the ways of fast cooking. Learning how to smoke in an electric smoker is pretty simple. I bet after this article; you will be smoking salt like a pro.

But hold your horses for now. There are few things you should know before starting smoking salt in your electric smoker. So here are the things you should know:

What is best for smoking pellets or chips?

Wood pellets and chips are both used for smoking salt. But we recommend using wood pellets as it is a good choice when opting for the cold smoking process. Many sellers recommend wood pellets only for smoking salt as it is a versatile choice.

Suppose salt is a canvas of the painting and smoke as the brush and wood as your paint. If you are looking for some bold flavors, then choose Mesquite or Hickory, or for nutty taste, choose pecan. For a blend of sweet and salty, try to go for apple and maple hardwood and get a burst of sweet salt in your mouth.

Which salt is best for smoking?

smoke salt in an electric smoker pink saltWhen you are selecting salt for the smoking, choose any type; just ensure that it has a big area to absorb and it is granular. It helps to absorb the smoke. There are choices from kosher salt, sea salt, Himalayan Salt, and so on. We recommend regular table salt for smoking for its finest features.

How does it taste?

Smoked salt tastes from the ordinary salt flavor, making sure you are up for the notable change in your foods. Generally, the taste is a pretty complex blend of dark and bright salty with earthy smoke flavor. When you lay a coat of smoke salt on the meat, it offers visible natural flavors of protein.

The smoked salt taste is also dependent on the types of wood pellet you are using for the process. For instance, hickory offers a robust, savory flavor and pecan over mild nuts flavor.

How to smoke salt in an electric smoker?

There are two ways you can smoke your salt in the electric smoker.

1. Cold smoke

The method is one of the most delicate methods to smoke salt. The best way to try the procedure is to use pellet tubes or A-maze-n pellet smoke tray. If you fill them up for most parts, it can last for around four to eight hours.

The pellet tube or tray is helpful because many electric smokers do not produce smoke until they reach one hundred and fifty degrees. The tray or tube is practical as they will not get that hot, and the temperature will stay under hundred degrees. It is also dependent on the temperature outside.

To start:

  • Place salt on a sheet pan that has parchment paper-lined up or pink meat wrap.
  • Place in the smoker.
  • Stir the salt occasionally to make sure that it is adequately smoked and completely.
  • The time duration of the cold smoking method is as long as a hot smoking method.
  • Smoke the salt for a minimum of ten hours so you can get the right flavor. You can go for a whole day if you like but generally, 12 hours time duration will do the trick.

For best results, you should use the mat for grilling, then a sheet pan and pink meat wrap. It allows the smoke to give slat a better flavor. The grilling mat is flexible so when you are using it, use it with care.

2. Hot smoke

Please remember that when you are smoking the salt with other foods, it will catch the flavor of those foods too during the process. It is not a bad thing if you like something different or loved the fusion of different flavors.

  • While opting for hot smoke, preheat the smoker at 275 degrees. Meanwhile, spread the salt on a lined sheet night prior to smoking, so there is no moisture left in it.
  • After preheating, place the sheet tray of salt in the smoker for around three to four hours at least. After four hours, you will find a mild smoky taste. You can keep the salt on smoking for above ten hours and get a rich, delicious flavor.
  • When you have smoked the salt accordingly, let it rest so it can cool down completely.
  • While you are smoking the salt, stir it occasionally, it will ensure that salt is smoke thoroughly and adequately.

If you like a fruity taste, take some apple pieces cut them in the quarter, and place them on the smoke rack face down while your salt is being smoked. Discard the pieces once the smoking process is done. You will get a sweet-salty and fruitful flavor.

Bingo! It is done:

It is easy to learn how to smoke salt in an electric smoker. Try the smoky salt on meat and a number of dishes and enjoy the tasteful flavors you have never imagined.



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