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How To Use A Brinkmann Electric Smoker

Meat with a smoky flavor is an excellent alternative to the BBQ grill in the backyard. You can smoke your grill in an electric smoker but when you are looking for the best taste, try to do it in one of the best electric smokers like the Brinkmann electric smoker. Brinkmann electric smoker is a grill-powered smoker that runs on electricity and gets the job done well. You can learn how to use a Brinkmann electric smoker in this article.

Brinkmann Smokers are better than other smokers in many ways like it is cheaper to work on it than any propane smoker, and it works faster than any other charcoal smoker. The best part about the smoker is that the Brinkmann electric smoker is quite user-friendly, and you do not need to be an engineer to use it.

Overview Of Brinkmann Electric Smoker

The gourmet electric smoker looks like a large, deep metal container, which is about the size of a small barrel. The bottom segment of the electric smoker is the base, and it looks more like a cooking pass, and then there is a lava rock pan locked inside. When the electric smoker is placed on the ground, the smoker will come around your ankles.

Now there is the upper segment which is also called the body. The body is a thick metal tube and has a door on its front side. The body fits right on the top of its base, and then the size of an electric smoker rises above your knees.
Afterwards, there lies a water pan on the top of the smoker base, and it has a cooking rack on the water pan top. The lid of the electric smoker fits on the top of the smoker.

The smoker works on electricity, and the electric current is used to heat the lava rocks in the smoker’s base, and then there comes the flavoring wood you put on the base. Different woods add a different kind of smoky flavor. The Lava rocks heat the wood chips and then the water pan, which lies on the top of the smoker’s body.

Wood chips are essential to offer a different tasty flavor to your meat. You can enjoy sweet, nutty or complex tastes like meat by using different kinds of wood chips. Likewise, the marinated taste you feel in your meat comes with the water, which you add to the pan.

How To Use A Brinkmann Electric Smoker?

Brinkmann electric smokerSo let’s get started with how to cook your meat in the Brinkmann electric smoker:

Step # 1

First of all, take wood of any kind you want and soak them in water for around half an hour. You can use wood chunks or chips as per your preference. Few wood chunks offer nutty flavor, while few get along with a strong meat taste. It depends on your taste buds, whatever you choose.

Step # 2

After half an hour, take out the wood chips/chunks and put the wood on the lava rocks. Make sure that during the process, wood does not touch the heating element/lava rocks section.

Step # 3

Afterward, fill the water pan with the water in the electric smoker. Ensure that it is placed under one inch of the rim and then place the lower rack in the appropriate place.

Step # 4

Take the meat and place it on the cooling rack. Ensure that it is the single layer that has the space around every item for the smoke circulation. If smoke cannot circulate properly, then it will be hard to cook the meat properly. You can use any rack from the upper or lower sides. There are options to cook different types of meat at the same time in a Brinkmann electric smoker. For instance, steak and chicken can be cooked at the same time.

Step # 5

When everything is appropriately placed, cover the smoker and switch on the heating element to start the cooking process properly.

Step # 6

Leave the meat to be cooked properly. Only check the smoker occasionally to see if the smoke amount is proper or not, and if it is not enough, add more wood chunks as per requirement.

Step # 7

Make sure you have checked the temperature of the meat by looking at the instant-read thermometer. Only cook the meat at the recommended temperature to avoid any rawness or overcooking issues. Here are a few temperature guides for Brinkmann electric smokers.

  • Pork: Cook it on not more than 160 degrees
  • Turkey: Turkey requires exact 180 degrees
  • Chicken: Chicken can be well cooked at 180 degrees
  • Beef: Beef requires only 145 degrees to be cooked properly.

Bonus point:

The Brinkmann electric smoker can also be used for grill cooking. All you need to do is remove the lid and body from the base and put the grill on the base, place food on the grill, and lid it on the top. Now switch it on and keep cooking until it’s done. Make sure you are checking throughout the cooking process.



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