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How To Use Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow Electric Smokers by Masterbuilt are famous for their budget-friendly prices and ease of use. You can enjoy tender smoked meat and get famous for your mouth-watering foods. But if you have never used an electric smoker, we can share how to use a smoke-hollow electric smoker in easy steps.

Electric smokers are readily available in the market, and when you purchase the best electric smoker like the Smoke Hollow electric smoker, you will get a manual with it. Manuals teach a lot of things like safety measures, how-to-use tips, and maintenance tips.

Here you will find how to use tips straightforwardly to understand better. Follow all the tips and techniques accurately; otherwise, you might not cook the food quickly.

So let’s get started:

Seasoning An Electric Smoker

Before using any electric smoker, you should season it. Seasoning helps to get rid of any leftovers in the smoker like dust, paint and manufacturing residue left in the manufacturing process. If the smoker is not seasoned before cooking for the first time, there are chances that the leftovers might mix up in the cooking. Consequently, it will taste sour and also it would be harmful to health.

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker with vegetables on the trayHow To Season An Electric Smoker

  • Take the water pan out of the smoker.
  • Put a layer of vegetable cooking oil over the interiors like the side rack, cooking grates and cabinets.
  • Plug the electric cord of the smoker in the electric outlet and turn it on.
  • Turn the temperature to 300 degrees F for around one hour. The process will help to burn out any leftover paint, manufacturing residue and dust.
  • Switch it off and let it cool off, then clean the interiors.

Cooking With The Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Fill Water & Add Wood Chips

  • Remove the wood chip pan and place it with a water pan outside the smoker.
  • Afterward, please take off the lid of the chips pan and fill it with your chosen wood chips. You can choose any wood chip of your choice. Put the wood chip pan back to its original place in the smoker.
  • Then fill the water pan and put it back in its place too.

Pro Tip: Do not overfill the water pan as it can spill into the electric smoker controller and cause accidents.

Adjust Cooking Grid Support Brackets Height

The cooking grids are placed in a smoke-hollow electric smoker at a normal gap. But before cooking, you can adjust the grid brackets according to your cooking needs. Sometimes you might need extra space, and while cooking a few foods, you can adjust the height to a minimum level.

Place The Food On Grids

Once everything is inside the smoker, it is time to keep your meat/food on the cooking grids. Place the meat in a single layer and ensure that there are enough gaps between food items.
The gap ensures that smoke & water moisture travel evenly from every corner and that food is cooked evenly. Once the food is placed on the grills, slide them back to the support brackets.

Start The Electric Smoker

The food is loaded into the cooking grid, and it is time to close the door.
After closing the door, plug the smoker’s electric cord into the electric outlet.
The electric smoker needs a standard current to ensure that the outlet is grounded and can provide 12o volts. Also, it should be protected at fifteen or twenty amps.

Pro Tip: Do not use ordinary electric outlets for an electric smoker.



Adjust Temperature And Keep Checking

Now you have to adjust the temperature by using an electric controller to the maximum level.

Every food needs a different level of temperature – meat needs around 220-250 F while salt or cheese needs a lower temperature.

  • For your assistance, there is a heat indicator on the electric smoker’s front side. The heat indicator will let you know the exact temperature for your cooking.
  • Keep the meat cooking for around thirty to forty-five minutes. Meanwhile, keep checking the water level and wood chips. Wear safety gloves when you feel a need to add water or chips.

Check The Meat And Turn The Smoker Off

After 30 to 45 minutes, open the smoker’s door and check whether the meat is cooked or not; use a meat thermometer to check the food temperature. The heating temperature provides smoker temperature, but it does not offer accurate results for the cooking.

Lastly, turn off the electric smoker; you can do it by turning the control knob back to the off position and unplugging the smoker.

Bingo Food is ready!!

Pro tip: Let the electric smoker cool down completely and then clean it and put it aside for next use.

Let’s Wrap It Up

It is easy to know how to use a smoke-hollow electric smoker.

All you need is to follow the instructions carefully and smoke food like a chef.

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