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WESTERN 80485 BBQ Smoking Chips

✅ Available in four different flavors ❌ Some users find it a little bit pricy
✅ Free smoker tray
✅ Don’t take a long time to heat up

WESTERN 80485 BBQ Smoking Chips meat guide

The first wood chips on our list of the best wood chips for electric smokers is Western 80485 BBQ smoking chips. The best wood chips with four different flavors cherry, Maple, apple, and peach. Whether you are cooking your food on gas grills, charcoal, or an electric smoker you can use them separately or mix them to give a unique and delicious smoky flavor to your meal.

Each bag is as big as shown in the picture and enough to serve you for a long time if you don’t have a big family. A user left feedback that he smokes meat 2 or 3 times a month and the wood chips are enough for the entire year. Isn’t it a good deal? You don’t need to wait for a long time to heat them because they take a maximum of ten minutes to heat up.

Every flavor has a different and delicious taste Cherry has a very unique and special taste, you can get two different tastes in one flavor sweet and sour.

If we talk about Maple then as you know maple has a special sweet taste, and if you are one of those who love maple syrup then you are going to love this smoky flavor.

The peach flavor is a little bit strong smoky flavor and mostly works with poultry items. It’s best for those especially who love the fruity flavor, so if you are one of them then it’s time to smoke your chicken with Western BBQ peach flavor.

If you are a smoking enthusiast then you should try apple smoky flavor. If you are smoking your chicken with it, it might turn out in brown color but it isn’t something you should worry about.



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