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What Is an Electric Smoker

Are you a food lover and want to buy an electric smoker but you are confused about whether to buy this device or not? Is it worth buying or not? Are electric smokers good at smoking delicious and yummy meat? If there are such questions in your mind so let me clear your all concerns regarding this amazing product.

An electric smoker is a well-known invention in today’s modern world. It uses hot electric rods to smoke and cook food. These are clean, reliable, and easy devices to use. These devices come in different cooking sizes, smoking racks, features, shapes, etc.

If you are thinking of buying the best electric smoker, so it is a smart and wise decision for you.  You can prepare delicious food by getting this device. You can operate this device similarly to your kitchen oven.

How Does It Work?

An electric smoker uses its components to cook food. It has a cooking chamber i.e. (an electric heating section, grill, pan of water and racks, etc.) inside where heat is provided and hot air moves to cook food.

Let me explain its components and work in detail below:

Heating Chamber:

It is the main part of the electric smoker where you place your food to cook. It is made with stainless steel and porcelain-coated metal. Such material helps to keep the smoker easily clean. Moreover, it should be well-insulated and the door should close properly to avoid losing smoke through little space.

Heating Element:

Electric smokers gain heat from the heating element, it is like a powerhouse of heat to the device. Usually, larger devices contain two heating rods whereas smaller ones contain a single heating rod.

Stainless Steel Racks:

An electric smoker is comprised of a stainless steel rack which is very similar to a food grill, to cook food. You can directly place food on racks like meat, chicken, and steak. A strong heating element is required for larger smokers of about 1500 watts, but if you have a smaller device then you need a 250-watt heating element in your smoker.

Wood Chip Tray:

An electric smoker mostly comes with a wood chip tray, also called a firebox. This component of the device is meant to produce an appetizing aroma of smoke and flavor to your food. Tiny wood chunks of a specific wood burn to smoke and cook food. If you are a chef and an electric smoker user then you can add more wood chunks to the firebox tray while cooking.

Wood chip smokers are more considerable for those food items that take less time to cook like chicken steaks and fish etc. You can use different types of wood chips like cherry, hickory, etc. to give a yummy flavor to your food.

Water Pan:

It is placed at the bottom of the smoker with cold water to prevent the temperature too high from the inside. The grease that comes from meat falls into the water pan to keep it clean.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Electric Smokers:

Electric Smoker with meat insideVersatile electric smokers are available in a variety. These come for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Indoor devices are portable and they can glorify your kitchen’s range whereas outdoor devices are easy to set outside wherever you want particularly in your backyard.

Outdoor Electric Smoker:

Most frequently people use outdoor electric smokers in their lawns, yards, and rooftops to smoke their food. Grills and smokers are better for outdoor activities. Outdoor electric smokers are bigger than indoor electric smokers and they can take in more quantity of food at their tops. We will recommend you use outdoor electric smoker devices because they are safer to smoke and use.

Indoor Electric Smoker:

Indoor electric smokers are smaller in size than outdoor devices. These are meant for kitchen use. These devices take more time to cook the food. The advantage of this device is that you can easily use and take it anywhere. It is a good kitchen appliance for those people who live in an apartment.

Easy to Use:

The eminent point about electric smoker is their convenient and easy use. If you already know how to use an oven then it becomes easier for you. It is very simple to use. Unlike charcoal smokers, you don’t need to arrange fuel, or wood to process the smoker.

While using an electric smoker, you just need to plug in the switch and fill the water pan and firebox with wood chunks. Set the required temperature, smoke will generate after that so wait until you attain the desired temperature. Then place your food inside the cooking chamber’s rack and wait until it cooks.

Electric Smoker a Clean Device to Use:

An electric smoker only burns wood chips otherwise it is a clean smoking machine. It is safe to use for health. It doesn’t generate nasty residues like charcoal, propane, and fuel-burning that release carbon monoxide, which is harmful to health.

Useful Tips to Use an Electric Smoker:

You should keep in mind the following steps to easily use your electric smoker:

Season the Grill:

Season your smoker’s grills and racks with cooking oil for the first time to burn all unnecessary residue. Set the machine to about 275°F for two to three hours and at the last hour add some wood chunks to the firebox. This process will generate smoke and prepare the device to run well next time.

Keep the Smoker Clean:

Don’t forget to keep your device clean after every use. You should give proper cleaning time to cleanse the charred grease on the grills of your electric smoker. Use a drip pan while using the smoker to keep it clean and clean it well after every cooking session.

Give Electric Smoker Enough Time to Cook:

Normal charcoal or fuel smokers use more temperature than electric smokers, therefore make sure to give your electric smoker excessive time to cook. If you want tender and smoky flavored meat then you need to be patient to get the desired result. It usually takes 75 minutes per pound of meat to cook properly at 225°F.

Adjust the Temperature by yourself:

There are many electric smokers with an automatic thermostat, but you should adjust your temperature because many expensive and good devices have low-quality automatic thermostats. Therefore, you should believe in your adjustment.

Wrap Up:

If you are thinking of investing in an electric smoker appliance, then it will surely give you a high-quality result. It can make your life convenient and you don’t need to buy charcoal or gas cylinders. Don’t forget to follow the above guidelines before using an electric smoker.



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